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【最新航線Air OFESS 帶你玩盡香港】

上次Air OFESS飛咗去港島東,今次就轉飛港島西!大家即刻跟住Air OFESS,睇下西環到底有咩靚景! 想了解更多關於Air OFESS ? 即上 【Travel around HK with Air OFESS 】 Last time we have flown to Island East taking a look of the Monster Building. This time we will travel to the West , to explore places in Kennedy Town! Learn more about Air OFESS:泳棚早建於6、70年代,而因為泳棚上嘅木橋、燈塔,配合住日落、潮汐,都喺拍攝嘅好題材宜家已經成為拍攝嘅熱門地方Sai Wan Swimming Shed was built in 60-70s when public swimming facilities were sparse in HK. Because of the amazing scenery, sunset with wooden bridge, beacon with tides and waves, It is now a popular photo location among local photography enthusiasts.Air OFESS 一眾最新航機準備起飛!麻煩兩位著住黃色同灰色衫嘅乘客盡快扣上安全帶!All the latest models of Air OFESS are ready to take off! The two passengers, who are in yellow and grey, please fasten your seatbelt!唔好意思,請跑道上嘅情侶盡快登機, 因為Air OFESS 要準備起飛啦!Excuse us,...

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Fly to Brazil, Countdown Rio Olympics 2016 with Air OFESS!】

【Air OFESS 飛出香港,迎接2016巴西奧運!】 Air OFESS巴西號今日直飛家鄉,同大家喺里約熱內盧進行奧運10日倒數!!!與此同時,為咗支持今屆奧運,Air OFESS將會於奧運期間舉行一連串有獎遊戲,想贏取價值$188 嘅Air OFESS奧運精美禮品,就記住like我地嘅Facebook專頁啦!!! 【Fly to Brazil, Countdown Rio Olympics 2016 with Air OFESS!】 Only 10 days left for the Rio Olympics 2016!! Let’s fly to Rio de Janeiro with Air OFESS Brazil Series and enjoy the dense Olympics atmosphere there! Also, during the Olympics period, a series of mini-games will be launched on our Facebook page. Remember to "Like" our page and catch the chance for winning an Air OFESS Olympics prize which is worth $188! ‪#‎airofess‬ ‪#‎olympic2016‬ ‪#‎olympics‬ ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎rainning‬ ‪#‎rain‬

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