OFESS BASIC是OFESS的一個全新簡約系列,考慮到大部份的用家亦不喜歡攜帶雨傘,相信輕便外出的男士更有同感,故以方便攜帶的意念,設計了一系列的新產品,在不需要使用雨傘時,傘柄瞬間變身為掛鉤,便於攜帶在身邊,免於天氣特變時而造成的任何不便,並創造更美好的生活品味。
OFESS BASIC is a new series of simple by OFESS. Most of the user not fund of carrying an umbrella, so BASIC is a new product of umbrella design for easy to carry around with a hook at the handle. It has avoid inconvenience caused by the weather and sometimes special variable, and create a better lifestyle.